Have an exhibit idea that would be great for your museum or historical society, but don't have the funds or experience to put it together? Our Exhibit Outreach Program can help!

The goal of this program is to provide museum-quality exhibit planning, consultation, design, and fabrication assistance to any non-profit history museum or historical society/association in the our thirty-nine county service area in western North Carolina. All for just the cost of the materials used.

How We Can Help

This program helps qualified agencies:

  • Plan their exhibits by utilizing existing research to develop an organized and engaging storyline.
  • By consulting on collections care in the exhibit environment, as well as collections storage.
  • By designing exhibit layouts, as well as simple informational and graphical exhibit elements.
  • By fabricating exhibit elements, such as: display cases, artifact-specific mounts, and other exhibit furniture.

Planning, consulting, design, and fabrication time/labor is provided FREE of charge. The qualified agency is responsible for the cost of material used in the creation of the exhibit(s).

All we ask is that our services be credited in a standalone panel no smaller than 6” x 6” in a prominent place in the exhibit gallery.

Who Qualifies

Non-profit history museums and historical societies in our service area qualify for assistance through our exhibit outreach program. Additionally, we provide assistance to libraries, universities, and other agencies to create educational exhibits for display. If you are reading this, chances are you qualify! Give us a call to learn more! Contact us by phone at (828) 668-9259 or by email for more information, and make your exhibit happen.