The museum is excited to host "Journey Stories", a poster exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES). Along with this, a companion exhibit produced by museum technician Jesse Bricker takes a look at how the theme reflected in "Journey Stories" played out in Western North Carolina. 

For centuries, movement has defined us. Our national and regional history is a patchwork of many stories, woven over time from the voyages of people—voluntary and involuntary—who traveled across the continent and from around the world to build new lives.

These interwoven exhibits explore how moving has shaped the nation and Western North Carolina in particular. It takes a broad look at American expansion and migration, from the earliest European settlers and Native American displacement to the effects of transportation advancements on modern mobility.

No matter the country of origin or reason for coming here, from our earliest days, we have been, and still are, intensely mobile. Travel over roads, rails, rivers, and trails—even the skies—have shaped our cultural and economic landscape. In many ways, our “Journey Stories” define us! 

minner and a layout of a gold mine

For more information about this exhibit or SITES, contact Jesse Bricker at or call 828-668-9259.