MGM Farmers' Market

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 21:30

Through a partnership with the Old Fort Community Forum, Stock Wild Kitchen, and the Mountain Gateway Museum (MGM), you can get fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other edible products at the museum during the MGM Farmers' Market. The market opens Thursday, May 2 from 2:30 - 6:00 and will be every Thursday till October 3.

All the spaces will be free for local farmers. Farmers may sell from their tailgate or from under tents, which they must provide, along with tables and chairs. Tailgate spaces will be available in the museum's parking lot on Water Street, and 12 ft X 12 ft tent spaces will be laid out in front of the cabins. To participate, please fill out the registration form here: Spots are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Only fresh, locally grown or produced fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants, meats, eggs, honey, and other edibles will be allowed. No craft items.

Special thanks to these supporters of the MGM Farmers' Market: Silver's Specialties, TAG Contracting Inc., Greybeard Realty, and StockWild Kitchen. 


MGM Farmers’ Market Rules & Regulations


  1. Before any food can sold, each farmer must present to the manager(s) of the Farmers’ Market a list of food items he or she plans to sell.
  2. Each list will be assessed by food inspectors at McDowell County Health Dept. to determine whether any of the food items need to be inspected prior to sale.
  3. If a farmer plans to sell homemade, home-baked or home-canned goods, such as jams, jellies, pickles, breads, cakes, pies, candies, canned vegetables or possibly other items, he or she MUST have their home kitchen inspected by a NC Department of Agriculture inspector. There are no exceptions to this rule!
  4. To schedule an inspection, a farmer should call the NC Dept. of Agriculture in Raleigh at 919-733-7366. Be aware the wait time for an inspection to be done can be up to 90 days.
  5. After the home kitchen has been inspected and approved, the certificate of inspection awarded to the farmer must be presented to the manager(s) of the Farmers’ Market.
  6. A certificate of insurance may also be required of food vendors.
  7. Because of increasing numbers of food allergies, all food items to be sold at the farmers’ market must bear a label listing each and every ingredient in the item.
  8. Bread should be sold in whole loaves. If it is sliced prior to sale, it will be deemed “sandwich bread” by health inspectors and be made to comply with restaurant rules and regulations.
  9. FYI: When doing home kitchen inspections, health inspectors generally look for concerns such as pets in the home, oven and refrigerator temperatures, and general water quality.

 For more information about the MGM Farmers’ Market, please contact the Mountain Gateway Museum at 828-668-9259.