Inspiration in the Mountains: Writers & Western North Carolina

Did you know that Alexander Key, author of the beloved science-fiction novel, Escape to Witch Mountain, lived in Macon County for a while? Or that famous English children’s author Frances Hodgson Burnett enjoyed her time in Western North Carolina so much she set one of her novels, Louisiana, here? You can learn about these and other authors influenced by North Carolina’s highlands in Mountain Gateway Museum & Heritage Center’s newest exhibit, Inspiration in the Mountains: Writers & Western North Carolina.

A Thousand Words: Photographs by Vietnam Veterans

“Vietnam was a complex conflict, ushering in a new type of warfare:  a war without borders,” said Charlie Knight, military curator at the North Carolina Museum of History. “When Martin Tucker originally collected these images and the stories that go with them, he provided a glimpse into a very turbulent time period in U.S. history. The images in A Thousand Words convey what everyday life was like for those in uniform in Vietnam, and we hope that visitors will gain a greater understanding of this war 50 years ago.”

Lost and Found Colonies: Using Science and Technology to Uncover the Past

Along the eastern coast of the United States, Europeans began arriving seaking trade, riches, and for some, a chance to start over. However, this "new world" contained dangers and hardships. These problems created failures for lots of the early colonies and while we know what happened to some, others remain a mystery. Advances in technolgy are helping answer some of the questions of what happened to those early colonies.